Coldrooms and Installations

Our team is qualified in all areas of cold or freezer rooms and any refrigeration installation. We have great experience in the industrial sector.  And services some of the biggest names such as Tiger brands, ABI, Woolworths, Spars etc… We have a 24hr 7day a week call out service.

Coldroom1  Coldroom2

Industrial and commercial refrigeration

•             Liquid chillers & Ammonia
•             Air Driers
•             Oil and panel coolers
•             Cooling towers
•             Water pump repairs and rewinds
•             Water and air piping
•             Coldrooms and fridges
•             Compressor rewinds and rebuilds
•             Chiller manufacturing
•             Maintenance contracts etc

Factory and office air-conditioning

•             Factory air-conditioning and ventilation
•             Ducting and extraction
•             Fitment of all types of air- conditioners
•             Air- conditioning of wine cellars
•             Aqua coolers
•             Air purification
•             Humidifying and air drying
•             Office air-conditioning
•             Service contracts   (ETC…)

Automotive Refrigeration

•             Refrigerated bodies on trucks and LDV’s
•             Manufacturing of mobile units
•             Big rig  refrigerated trailers
•             Refrigerated containers


•             Buying and sell of new and used Refrigeration
•             Refurbishes of second hand refrigeration
•             Supplier of all supermarket display fridges and delis

All Electrical Work and maintenance

•             COC for all electrical work